Chapter 10: We Still Think Billy Joel and His Gang Started the Fire

Throughout the 1990s, many history teachers assigned their students to look up everything from Billy Joel's song "We Didn't Start the Fire," which was a big list of stuff that had happened in the world while Billy Joel was alive. Some teachers are still doing this. In Chapter 10, we try to determine whether you can learn all you need to know about 1949-1989 from Billy Joel. The result: you can come awfully close!

Baseball great Joe DiMaggio before his marriage to actress Marilyn Monroe (obviously).

A meeting between rock singer Elvis Presley and president Richard Nixon. Nixon wore a suit, and Elvis wore what appears to be a wrestling championship belt.

Russian satellite Sputnik. The Death Star it ain't - but it scared the crap out of people.


We Didn't Start the Fire lyrics

Build Your Own R-7 Rocket!
and get an honorary doctorate from a presigious university (probably).

Communist Bloc

We made an intern record our parody of "Jingle Bell Rock!
Click here to download "Communist Bloc.".

It's itunes-ready - the artist is "Smart Aleck Staff Intern," and this is the first cut off his new album, Whipped Interns and Other Delights.

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