Smart Aleck's Guide to Grave Robbing ebook

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Marietta: Or, The Students - the wicked Victorian grave-robbing melodrama (get the pdf; the two-column format makes the other versions a bit wonky)

"Grave Robbing in Lincoln Park" - our "Chicago Unbelievable" Podcast with Daniel Kraus

Hey, kids....wanna see a dead body?

In this out-of-left-field follow-up to the acclaimed SMART ALECK'S GUIDE TO AMERICAN HISTORY (Random House, 2009), the Smart Aleck Staff delves into the history, theory and practice of robbing graves. It's everything you need to launch YOUR career as a 19th century resurrection man - the Smart Aleck way!

With their trademark humor somehow staying (mostly) in the bounds of good taste, the staff delves the days when anyone who came into possession of a dead body could trade it for cash or valuable prizes at medical schools, no questions asked. They investigate the history of mummy "unwrapping parties"  and conduct interviews with horror novelists and archaeologists, and retell stories of  murderers who found that simply killing a person to sell the remains to colleges saved them a lot of digging. 

THE SMART ALECK'S GUIDE TO GRAVE ROBBING is fascinating, disgusting, and entertaining. 

 As a text book, it comes complete with quizzes, assignments, and experiments to try at home.  It even includes a handy set of rhymes to help you remember whether "coffin liquor" is safe to drink based on the color and texture! 

Not for the faint of heart, but horror fans, trivia buffs, and the historically inclined will find much to enjoy (albeit not before dinner).  This full-length ebook  contains an active table of contents and lots of illustrations. The new ibook edition is newly-formatted for iPads.
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