Chapter 9: World War 2 (out of....)


Make a diorama based on the song "Blood on the Risers", a song about the death of a paratrooper that was sung by soldiers. We spent a whole week on our "Blood on the Risers Action Playset." Send in a picture of yours to the Smart Aleck Staff. Be SOMEWHAT tasteful, please. We're trying to run a classy website around here (sort of).

"Rosie the Riveter"

With the men off fighting in the war, women were urged to take jobs that were traditionally done by men. Of course, the minute the war ended, they were expected to head right back into the kitchen.


"Der Fuhrer's Face" - a ww2 cartoon featuring Donald Duck. No, this has NOT been "banned," they just don't show it on TV much any more. People like to call cartoons like this "banned" so they can whine about "political correctness," which is how jerks claim victim status.

Private Snafu: a series of cartoons shown as training for soldiers. This one was written by Ted Geisel (better known as Doctor Seuss).

Bugs Bunny and friends urge Americans to buy war bonds

Daffy Duck urges people to turn in their scrap metal for use in tanks, planes, ships, etc.

Franklin Roosevelt gives a speech for his 1944 campaign. He looks about 80% dead here, but he wasn't. He was actually closer to 99% dead:

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