Chapter 11: On Into the Future

President Obama with four former presidents. How long will it be before Obama, too, has gray hair?

The book stops on inauguration day, 2009, the day the final draft was turned in to Random House. You can't keep history books TOO up to date. Few history teachers make it much past World War 2 by the end of the year, anyway.

A picture apparently taken just after George W. Bush blew up the Death Star

Some people didn't believe that a person with a funny name like Barack could be elected president. Never mind that we've had presidents named Rutherford, Ulysses, Millard, Grover and Lyndon already.


In the back of the book, we came up with a mnemonic to remember ALL of the presidents in order by replacing their name with a word that starts with the same letter, forming a more of less coherent paragraph (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Adams ---> Well, Actually Just My Main Activity.....). Your assignment: come up with a better one, and turn it in to the Smart Aleck Staff. As always, by turning it in, you grant us the rights to post it here if we like.

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