Coming Soon from the Smart Aleck Staff!

Lots of things are happening with the staff. The long-promised Hamlet guide should materialize before the end of 2012, and September will see the release of the new Smart Aleck's Guide to Halloween Specials. This will be a special low-priced ebook with reviews of practically every Halloween TV special ever produced, taken from Adam's long-running , which is being revamped as a Smart Aleck's Guide site this year! That book will be up as soon as the cover is ready.

Adam will also have three new "e-singles" out from Llewellyn Press on October 1st, each dealing with his own long-running night job as a historian and ghost hunter in Chicago. Of particular note will be Inside the Murder Castle, which will detail his investigation of the basement below the post office that was built over the infamous "murder castle" of serial killer H.H. Holmes. It looks as thought his may be the only investigation that ever takes place there! Adam is sort of setting himself up as the smart aleck of the ghost biz these days; over the course of the book he spends a great deal of time cracking wise and debunking myths.

Come November, Adam will have another book out that isn't exactly a Smart Aleck's Guide, but almost might as well be: Globe Press will be publishing a Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks from Chicago History, in which Adam courageously bad-mouths Al Capone, John Dillinger, Marshall Field, Big Bill Thompson, "Bathhouse John" Coughlin, and several other people who are too dead to fight back.
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